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GoCook Recommended Websites

Co-operative Housing Federation of British Columbia (CHF BC)
Association of non-profit housing co-ops. Includes information about and for housing co-ops, member services, and co-op directory.

Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto - CHFT
Member-funded organization that promotes and develops non-profit co-operative housing in Toronto and York Region. Provides education, information, advice, and services to members.

Community Housing Council of South Australia
Many articles, FAQS, and newsletters on cooperatives and community housing in Australia.

Dreamtime Village
An experiment in ecovillage design, based in Lima, Peru. Includes stories about living in Dreamtime, and contact information for new resident applications.

International Co-operative Housing
Lobbies, educates, researches and informs about co-operative housing as a solution to housing needs. Includes links to reports from the International Co-operative Housing Committee.

National Association of Housing Cooperatives
The U.S. N.A.H.C. is a nonprofit national federation of housing cooperatives and mutual housing associations. Contains information on living in and starting housing co-ops, a listing of publications, and links and member information.

Radical Routes Secondary Co-op
Helps small, radical co-ops to establish themselves. Includes background, articles, co-op members, and publications.

The Council of New York Cooperatives & Condominiums
News and archived information for residential housing cooperatives and condominiums in New York and beyond.

University of Texas ICC
Provides cooperative student housing off campus at the University of Texas at Austin. Information, online application form, and details of the coops history.

Waterloo Cooperative Residence Inc.
Student housing cooperative in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Includes general information about Waterloo and housing co-ops.

WeOwn (Association for Resident Control of Housing)
Site detailing models for housing co-operatives and useful information to members of them.

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