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Distributed automation system controlling lights, security and media.

Open source home automation application for Windows with support for X10.

Windows based software that controls lights (X10, Insteon), media (iTunes, MCE), security systems (ElkM1) and applications running on the PC.

Home Automated Living
Controls your home through voice recognition or web access, supports HVAC, telephony, infrared, Internet, X-10, and security.

Offers central control of lights, appliances and security systems from your PC.

Windows based automation application with support for X10 and Z-Wave

Open source cross platform home automation application, supports X10, voice recognition and several serial devices.

Omnipotence Software
A general-purpose Windows/Linux automation program.

Scott Crevier's Home Automation
Offers an X-10 Web Interface and X-10 Win95 QuikMenu techniques.

The Java X10 Project
Open Source Java API for managing an X10 hardware network.

Visual Home Commander
Software for X10's FireCracker. Features groups, macros, all lights on and off, all units off. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000]

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