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Amaretto Coffee Creamer
Non-dairy creamer flavored with almond extract and cinnamon.

Fire Side Coffee
Blend made with powdered non-dairy creamer, hot chocolate mix, instant coffee granules, ground cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Hot Beverage Mixes from Tupperware
A collection of easy, economical hot drink mixes, to keep on hand as defense against cold weather, or for gift-giving.

Hot Cocoa Mix
A basic mix to which mint chocolate chips and miniature marshmallows are added. Instructions for gift giving are included.

Non-Dairy Peppermint Cocoa Mix
Making use of powdered sugar, powdered non-dairy creamer, unsweetened cocoa, and peppermint sticks, this recipe yields enough for 8 servings.

Orange Cafe au Lait Mix
Recipe from Betty Crocker's "Glorious Holidays". Yields 24 servings. Made with non-dairy creamer, sugar, instant coffee, dried orange peel, and ground cinnamon.

Russian Tea
Made with instant tea, Tang, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, and lemonade mix.

Russian Tea
Made with orange drink crystals and dry lemonade mix.

Spiced Mocha Mix
Made with non-dairy creamer, sugar, instant coffee granules or crystals, unsweetened cocoa, and cinnamon.

Spiced Tea
A low-budget, flavored tea mix made from instant tea and kool-aid.

Spiced Tea Mix
Yields 3 1/2 cups which is enough for 64 servings. It makes use of instant tea powder, orange flavored instant breakfast powder, and lemonade mix.

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