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Boiled Custard Eggnog
Can be made with or without alcohol. Serves 4.

Brandy Eggnog
Delicate recipe where egg whites are beat into a meringue and added at the last minute. Yields 16 servings.

Cooked Eggnog
Simple recipe requiring cooking. May be served hot or cold. Makes 10 one cup servings.

Creamy, Rich Eggnog
Recipe for a thick, creamy eggnog making use of stiffly beaten egg whites. From Captain Ezra Nye House Bed and Breakfast in Massachusetts (USA).

Cyril K. Collins Eggnog Recipe
A full, rich recipe passed down from a Grandfather.

Egg Nog from Grandma's Cookbook
Southwestern recipe for egg nog using whole eggs, rum, and brandy.

Eggnog Recipe
Eggnog recipe from George Washington's recipe archives.

Eggnoggin Plus
Simple recipe for one serving. Non-alcoholic.

History of eggnog from What's Cooking America.
Short article about the evolution of eggnog and local variations.

Holiday Eggnog
Making 24 servings, this recipe uses whipping cream.

Judy Hallman's Favorite Recipes
A basic recipe making one gallon; to be prepared one day ahead.

New Wave Eggnog
Rich recipe yielding about 1 3/4 quarts which uses a homemade custard as a base, and is then served with ice cream.

The Very Best Eggnog, Ever
A full, rich recipe from the New York Times, December 1989. Serves twelve.

Whiskey Eggnog
Yields one serving.

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