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Amaretto Smoothie
This one is for adults and is made with amaretto liqueur, milk, and vanilla ice cream.

Apple-Apricot Smoothie
Using apple juice and apple, apricot and banana, ice and yogurt. Makes 2 servings.

Banana Nutmeg Smoothie
For breakfast or snack, simply mixes bananas, milk, honey, and grated nutmeg.

Berry Good Smoothie
Made in the blender with mixed berry fruit juice, frozen red raspberries, mixed berries, and blueberries, and ice.

Fruit Smoothie
Yields four servings, using canned fruit cocktail, milk, and powdered milk.

Fruit Smoothie from
Made with apple, orange, banana, and dates.

How to make a smoothie on wikiHow
Basic article on wikiHow describing how to make a smoothie.

Incredible Smoothies
Includes fruit and green smoothie recipes as well as nutrition information to help lose weight, live better and boost energy.

Iron Booster Smoothie
Recipe high in iron made from prune and apple juice, banana and spirulina. Also gluten free.

Mango Smoothie Recipe
Mango smoothie recipe at Smoothieweb.

Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie
Raspberry and chocolate smoothie recipe at Smoothieweb.

Southwest Smoothie
Basic recipe with the addition of one of mango, papaya, or guava.

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