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Brewing Root Beer
History of root beer, and a collection of from-scratch recipes for brewing at home.

Ginger Ale
Yeast free and raw food recipe using juiced green apples and ginger, served with sparkling mineral water. From Living and Raw Foods.

Ginger Ale Recipe
Recipe for syrup, using ginger and vanilla. Also has history of Vernor's soda.

Ginger Beer No. 1 from RecipeSource
As given on a radio cooking program in Georgetown, British Guyana (now Guyana) in 1961-62. Made with ginger root, green lemon, sugar, and a few grains of barley.

Ginger Beer No. 2 from RecipeSource
From Guyana's Ministry of National Development and Agriculture and Carnegie School of Home Economics, 1973. Made with pounded green ginger, lime, a few cloves, sugar, and white rice.

Ginger Beer Starter from RecipeSource
Potato and corn meal based.

Ginger Beer from RecipeSource
Yeast based recipe from the Harrowsmith Reader, requires cool storage.

Ginger Beer from RecipeSource
From the New Orleans Times-Picayune, August 1980.

Ginger Soft Drink from RecipeSource
An African recipe made with ginger root, yielding a spicy drink. Fruit juices, other than the ones called for, make interesting variations.

Homemade Ginger Ale from RecipeSource
Syrup made with water, honey and ginger root, is added to seltzer water to consume.

Homemade Ginger Beer from RecipeSource
Fresh ginger, lemons, cream of tartar, and yeast, are the main ingredients of this recipe.

Old-Fashioned Ginger Beer from RecipeSource
This recipe uses champagne yeast, and ginger beer extracts.

Root Beer
Old fashioned recipe using honey, sassafras, and sarsaparilla.

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