Cooking recipes and tips that help you to go cook excellent food.

Cooking recipes and tips that help you to go cook excellent food. like Cooking For Children

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A Whimsical Children's Tea Party
Recipes, how-to's and a song.

AllRecipes: Kid-Friendly Recipes
Quick meals or school lunches. Reviews and nutritional analysis available.

Beef and Lamb New Zealand: Babies and Toddlers
Iron-rich recipes from the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Marketing Bureau.

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Favourite Children's Recipes
A small collection of recipes to please children, young and old.

Fruit Pizza from Zoom Cafe
Snack made from fresh flour tortillas, peanut butter, raisins, and apple.

Global Gourmet: Food, Family and Fun
Sample recipes from a brochure created by the USDA to commemorate 50 years of the federal school lunch program. Appealing to children, and the rest of the family. Brochure can be purchased.

Great Recipes Online - Recipes for Kids
Breakfast and snack ideas.

Growing Up Fit
Recipes for Pyramid Yogurt Sundae and Stuffed Apple, as well as games to play to learn the Food Pyramid, and fun exercises to keep children fit. Article from the University of Illinois Extension.

Hummie's Kids Page
Recipes divided by categories for snacks, cookies, pizzas, candies, Hallowe'en, and fun edible and non-edible stuff such as playclay.

Kid Friendly Margarita Punch
Uses frozen concentrates of lemonade and limeade, lemon lime soda, and meringue powder as opposed to egg whites.

Kids Health: Recipes
Recipes for breakfast, snacks, frozen snacks, drinks and baked treats.

Kids Lunch Box
Ideas for healthy snacks with photographs.

Lunch to Go: Nobby Apple Cake
Recipe for cake as part of an article from the University of Illinois Extension on packing lunches children will like. Tips and suggestions are also presented.

Party Foods - Snacks
Suggestions for snacks, beverages, desserts and main dishes for children's parties.

Reader's Favorite Recipes
From, tasty sugar free recipes.

Stack It On a Cracker
Single recipe from the book "Now You're Cooking: Recipes for Kids from Tots to Teens". Cooking with Kids
Lynn Frederick's recipes and tips for cooking with children.

USA Pears: Pear Recipe for Kids
Recipes for parents to encourage children to eat more fruit.

YUM! Kid Stuff
Small collection of recipes for breakfasts, dinners, snacks, sweets, and a couple beverages.

Yahoo Group: Baby Food and Nutritious Foods For Children
Recipes for children from 4 months to 5 years and over.

YumYum.Com: Spit-Wad Sandwiches
A funny recipe using peanut butter and marshmallows.

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