Cooking recipes and tips that help you to go cook excellent food.

Cooking recipes and tips that help you to go cook excellent food. like Cooking Vegetarian Vegan

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Addicted To Veggies
Raw vegan recipes, including some that are quick and easy to prepare.

Air Eater
A site about a Toronto woman's attempt to live gluten free and vegan. Includes recipes and product reviews.

Allyson Kramer
Offers vegan and gluten free recipes and food photography. Original recipes include desserts, main courses, appetizers and salads.

This site provides recipes and reasons to go vegan.

Being Vegan
Vegan cooking and information blog featuring recipes and insights on the main ingredients.

Author of My Sweet Vegan has created this blog to share some of her favorite dessert recipes.

Bryanna Clark Grogan’s Vegan Feast Kitchen/ 21st Century Table
Vegan cookbook author Bryanna Clark Grogan shares some of her original recipes, including many international recipes.

Cake Maker to the Stars
Vegan Ethiopian, Italian, New Orleans, Indian, sweets (including whoopie pies and king cake) recipes. Also, cake recipes and cake making tutorials.

Chocolate and Beyond
Creative but simple vegan cooking that shows how easy it can be to live animal-friendly.

ChooseVeg Recipes
Good resource for beginner cooks and new vegans. Large collection of recipes, cooking tips, and instructional cooking videos.

Cooking for Vegans
UK-based guide to cooking and buying vegan food, aimed primarily at non-vegans as well as new vegans.

Daily Vegan Recipe
Offers a daily recipe, with past recipes available.

Farmers Market Vegan
Vegan blog and health food blog featuring local and seasonal recipes, cookbook reviews, and restaurant reviews.

Fatfree Vegan Recipes
Hundreds of vegan recipes, organized by categories such as desserts, holiday recipes, and meat substitutes. Includes original recipes with photos, others' recipes collected from various online and print sources and a blog.

Get Natured
A healthy living blog including recipes, advice on fueling for exercise, and articles on creating and maintaining radiant health through a diet of whole foods.

Gies Peas
Vegan and gluten-free culinary experiments with recipes and information about gluten-free baking and cooking.

Girl Who Plays With Food
Quick and simple recipes by a vegan college student.

Group Recipes: Vegan
Small collection refinable by flavor. Contains photographs.

Happy Herbivore Recipe Index
Home to fat-free and low fat vegan recipes, cooked with no added fats and mostly whole, unprocessed food.

Have Cake, Will Travel
Hundreds of recipes, many with feedback from readers of this blog. Many creative desserts, including: rosewater sables, chocolate raspberry bread, lemon lavender cookies, and white chocolate lime cookies.

Healthy Living Supper Club
Recipe archive from monthly meetings of a group in Oxford, UK. Measurements in imperial units and US customary units.

Healthy Vegan Weight Loss
These vegan recipes rely on foods that do not need much preparation or cooking time, with a focus on whole plant foods.

Hell Yeah It's Vegan
Vegan cooking blog specializing in homemade meals and desserts inspired by the classics.

Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes
A blog about conscious, cruelty-free eating, with healthy and delicious Indian and global recipes as well as detailed instructions on vegan baking.

International Vegetable Union - Recipes Around the World
Offers vegan recipes organized by country of origin.

Just the Food
A vegan cookbook authors shares some of her recipes. Includes recipes for Easter eggs, imitation bacon bits, and Amish mashed potato candy.

Kate's Vegan Cookery Site
Over a hundred carefully-tested recipes, searchable and indexed by type.

Kids are Vegan Too!
Small collection of vegan recipes.

Loving Leaves
A blog kept by a plant-loving mum in Wales: vegan and raw recipes, and a celebration of plant foods.

Make Simple Vegan Meals
Vegan cookbook and blog about health and nutrition.

Maple Spice
Vegan blog with a large collection of recipes with photos.

McKinney's Oven
Find vegan recipes, a cookbook for sale, and weight loss tips.

Middle Eastern Cultural Festival
This blog features vegan recipes from Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, and Syria.
A vegan food blog that includes original recipes, photos and tips for vegan cooking.
Some vegan recipes designed to expand the recipe collections of established vegans and give new vegans alternatives to other foods.

Recipe archive, plus nutrition tips.

PETA: Vegan Food
Includes recipes for breakfast dishes, appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, main dishes, and desserts.

Professor Vegan
Vegan food product reviews and cheap vegan recipes.

Random Vegan Recipes
Small collection of proven favorites ranging from peanut butter pie to ranch dressing.

Recipage - Oh She Glows
A food blog featuring a large collection of healthy vegan recipes.

Recipes for Vegans
Many vegan recipes, including holiday themed recipes such as Valentines Day, Easter, and Christmas.

SOS Cuisine - Simple Vegan Recipes
Collection of vegan recipes with nutritional information, ratings, and feedback.

She's A Vegan
Offers vegan tips and recipes.

A collection of healthy vegan recipes and tips on whole living.

Simple Vegan Recipes
Easy to prepare vegan recipes. Ingredients and measurements are UK-based.

Simple, Healthy, Tasty Blog
A blog with healthy vegan recipes and information for families.

Sweet Vegan
Sharing some great recipes with people who love people, animals and food.

Sweet n' Savory Life
Vegetarian and gluten free recipes.

The Betty Crocker Project
Inspired by the movie Julie and Julia, a couple veganizes every recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook. Chicken tetrazinni, bacon cheeseburger lasagna, turtle cheesecake, butterscotch brownies, and many more recipes.

The Enlightened Kitchen: Marie's Recipes
Sample recipes from Marie Oser's cookbooks, each with a nutritional analysis.

The Penguin Chef
Vegan desserts and other ramblings.

The Post Punk Kitchen
A site for the Public Access Cable show The Post Punk Kitchen. Learn how to bake vegan cakes and make your own seitan.

The Vegan House Kitchen
A small collection of soups, main dishes, and baked goods.

The Vegan Village Recipe Book
Collection of recipes divided into mains, starters, puds and cakes, and basics such as gravy, white sauce and pancakes.

The Veggie Nook
Delicious and healthy vegan, mostly gluten-free recipes that focus on whole foods. Nutrition and other holistic living topics are also discussed.

This Rawsome Vegan Life
Mainly raw and some cooked recipes, along with insights into veganism and raw foodism.

Tongue Ticklers
A website featuring vegan and allergy friendly recipes and food photography

Uncaged Web Vegan Recipes
European-style recipe collection from the UK. Metric measurements.

Veg Recipes of India
Vegan Indian recipes include snacks, sweets and curries.

Food weblog with vegan recipes and photos.

Vegan - Vegetarian Recipes From
Online cook book includes recipes for appetizers, beverages, bread and rolls, breakfast, desserts, fruit smoothies, main dishes, salads and dressings, sandwiches, side dishes, and snacks.

Vegan Appetite: Recipes
A vegan cookbook author shares vegan versions of traditional American recipes, such as apple crisp and potato leek soup.

Vegan Bits
Blog with articles including weight loss, health, recipes, philosophy and science.

Vegan Chef
A collection of vegan recipes, from simple to gourmet, from Chef Beverly Bennett.

Vegan Coach
Principles of a healthy vegan diet including advice on nutrition, suitable foods and how to prepare them, recipes and cooking techniques.

Vegan Cooking
Vegan recipes with simple directions and pictures.

Vegan Dad
Large collection of mostly original recipes with photos. Organized by a label cloud for easy access to recipe categories.

Vegan Family Recipes
Offers a wide range of vegan recipes that please the entire family.

Vegan Happy Hour
Vegan recipes inspired by happy hour menus. Sliders, jalapeno poppers, and 7 layer dip.

Vegan Home Cooking With Bethany Knowles
Simple vegan recipes that the author has used for over thirty years to feed her family of six children.

Vegan Nutritionista
Descriptions of vegan foods and vegan recipes. Information on vegan nutrition, factory farming, environmental and health concerns with the typical American diet.

Vegan Planet
Author Robin Robertson's cooking and recipe blog. Includes vegan recipes from around the world.

Vegan Recipe Index
Nice collection of vegan recipes and photos.

Vegan Recipes for Kids and Their Parents | How to Go Vegan
A site with vegan recipes for kids.

Vegan Recipes from Idahovegan
This blog includes free vegan recipes and other information relevant to the vegan lifestyle and diet.

Vegan Richa
Offers recipes by category, and includes soy free and special occasion recipes.

Vegan Visitor
Blog with recipes and photographs, from a vegan food writer, food stylist and photographer.

Vegan Wolf
Information on cholesterol-free vegan food recipes.

Vegan and Vegetarian Cooking School
Vegan and vegetarian recipes, cookbooks, materials, and health information from nutritional counselor Angela Poch.
A vegan baking community with recipes, articles, and forums for people to compare notes and share knowledge.

Vegetarian Resource Group: Recipes
Recipes and nutrition information from a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism.

Veggie Terrain
Blog filled with entirely vegan recipes and commentary.

A vegan food weblog, focused on recipes, and dining.

A food blog with the ambitious goal of cooking a vegan(ized) dish from every cuisine in the world.

Virtually Vegan Mama
Recipes for vegan alternatives to favorite unhealthy foods.
Recipes and reviews for vegan waffles and waffle toppings, cooking suggestions, and tips for throwing vegan waffle parties.

What Do I Know?
This weblog includes vegan recipes with photos.

Yummy Plants
Recipes, vegan-friendly restaurants, nutrition, and health tips.

eVegan Recipes
Easy vegan recipes include desserts, main dishes and breakfast.

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