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GoCook Recommended Websites
Aimed at the DIY crowd and offers forums, tutorials, reviews, chat, and interaction with manufacturers and engineers.

Glossary of Powerline Communications Terminology
Digital powerline communications technology glossary of terms and information on powerline networks and networking.

A resource for customised home automation and home entertainment. Aimed at designers, installers, suppliers and users of smart home technology.

Home Automation Bits
Advice on retro home wiring, automating curtains and infrared transmitters.

Home Automation Index
An extensive list of links to home automation related sites. Links are sorted by category and include personal and commercial sites.

Powerline Technology eLibrary
Offers products, links and articles about powerline communication and networking. Specializing in the HomePlug Power Line specification.

Steve's Cyberhome
Description of an Internet connected cyberhome.

Tom's Home Automation Modifications (X-10 Mods)
Many ideas on how to modify your X-10 components. Use at your own risk.

Tutorial on 802.11 standard
This PDF file gives the basics of 802.11, which is touted as the next standard for Home Networking.

X10 Home Automation Control Software: 'Hands On' Review
Home automation remote control systems with PC software; automate your entire home with everything from lighting to heating systems - program your own smart home.

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