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GoCook Recommended Websites

Old House Web
Remodeling and restoration advice, how-to tips, building product stories, house and home plans, do-it-yourself advice for owners of historic, old and antique houses.

Bricks and Brass
Guide to buying and restoring homes from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods in the UK. Style, products and services, information and guidance.

Caution: Old House Owners
Advice about vinyl and aluminum siding, replacement windows, porches and exterior trim. Includes pages devoted to a restoration project and links.

Flickr: Historic Preservation
For preservationists to share photos, sites, to raise awareness, to show hidden vernacular beauty or famous landmarks.

Historic Homes Information Pages
Information, advice and resources for owners of historic buildings.

Old House Resources for Research and Remodeling's Jackie Craven provides tips and resources for researching, restoring and preserving historic architecture.

Old House Style Guide
Sketches depicting several historical American architectural styles such as Antebellum, Craftsman Bungalow, Colonial Revival.

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