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Wikipedia: Alcopop
Encyclopedia article describing the beverage, its history, and controversy.

Bacardi Silver
Official site. Offers details of sponsored parties. [Requires Flash player]

CNNMoney: Jack Daniels, Miller Brewing introduce hard cola
"Vanilla Coke too sweet? Blue Pepsi too ... blue? Never fear. America's craving for bizarre beverages now has another potential savior -- a cola that can get you drunk."

Cocktail Times: Ready To Drink Fact Sheet
Descriptions of the most popular alternatives, including taste, launch date and producer.

Mike's Hard Lemonade
Official site. Offers sweepstakes, available styles, ad campaigns and photo gallery of fans. [Requires Flash player] Matthew Yi: Get ready to pay more for “alcopops”
Article on California regulators raising taxes on "Alcopops" because they are packaged to appeal to youth.

San Francisco Chronicle - 'Alcopops' labeled spirits instead of beer / Decision could raise taxes on drinks
State Board of Equalization votes to reclassify 'alcopops' as liquor instead of beer because it targets teenagers.

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