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Liquor distillery on Okinawa, Japan. Theories of how the liquor got its name to present production practices and pricing policies.

Discover Japanese Sake
The Making and Tradition of Japan's National Beverage.

Fujiyama Net
History and modern-days facilities of the Konishi sake brewing clan.

Gekkeikan Sake (USA), Inc.
General information on sake, company and product descriptions.

Ibaraki Japan - sake brewing site.

Izumibashi Co.,Ltd.
Sake brewery in Ebina, Kanagawa prefecture. Information in almost 100 different languages.

Japan Nihonshu Pages
One mans journey into the wonderful world of Japanese Sake.

Sake types by regions, classification of different types of beverage, a list of its key incredients, a scale to assess sweetness and an on-line shop.

Mitobe Sake Brewery
Japan-Yamagata. Introduction, history, and products.

Miyashita Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Sake brewery in Okayama prefecture, producing the Kiwamihijiri brand.

Sake Kingdom
Sake vocabulary and sake reports.

Sake Temperature to Drink
Japanese sake can be tasted at various temperatures, from cold (Hiya) to hot (Kan).

Sake World
Site devoted to Japanese Sake including a glossary, web links, a newsletter, and FAQs.

Saké Products; descriptions and online ordering (in the U.S.A.)

Sudo Honke
Sake brewery located in Ibaraki prefecture, dating from 850 years ago (site in English and French).

Tamanohikari Sake
History and Production of Sake; Sake Tasting for Beginners.

Tanaka Sake Brewery
Sake brewery in Okayama prefecture, producing the "Musashi no sato" brand.

The Joy of Sake
All about Sake: how it is brewed, and with what best to drink it. Plus a history of Sake in America.

Umenoyado Sake Brewery
Sake brewing process, selection, brewers, shops, and a quiz.
Sake reviews, news, and education.

Wine of
A US sake importer, with information on sake-producing regions, as well as taste and types of sake. Includes a list of US sake dealers.

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