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Go Cook Recommended Websites

'Coca Cola' 600 ml Buddy
Offers online prizes and games through its interactive sound and visual website. [Requires Flash]

Coldbacon’s Beverage Reviews
Reviews of some of carbonated and non-carbonated American beverages.

Diet Coke
Official site.

Faygo Beverages, Inc.
Information including products, news, employment, history, games, and online ordering.
Background information about guarana, the main ingredient of many Brazilian soft drinks. Includes links to retailers.

Nektar Kourtidi
Production and commerce of soft drinks and PET bottles.
Includes the history and flavors of Shasta Beverages, games and voting for favorites.

Official Site. Includes games, Snapple gear and product information.

Sun Drop Citrus Soda
Includes information about sponsored concerts, product FAQs, and contact information.

Volvic Natural Mineral Water
Pure natural mineral water from France. [Requires Flash 3 plug-in.]

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