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Go Cook Recommended Websites

Chai stories and recipes.

Ethical Tea Partnership
Non-profit organization of tea companies aims to understand how tea is sourced, as well as to validate conditions on estates and factories by credible, independent monitoring.

History and information regarding iced tea.

Leafbox Tea
Interactive discussion-oriented tea community, with news, articles, and forums.

Mashtea Gholee CyberTeaHouse
A Persian view on tea, including ceremonies and the benefits.

Photos from Darjeeling - May 2000
A collection of photographs of tea gardens, plucking and processing, and tasting.

Providing user-generated ratings and reviews, and researched information on tea varieties, brands, and tea-producing regions.

Social networking website for tea drinkers, with special deals on teas and teaware, user-generated ratings and notes, and discussion forums.

Tea - Wikipedia
A rich, diversely illustrated, and often changing overview of tea, with extensive links to more specialized topics.

Frequently asked questions about tea from a Usenet newsgroup.

Tea Forum
Archived public discussion forum about tea in art and culture in general and in Chinese literature in particular. There is a small collection of poems and prose.

Tea Trade
An interactive community of tea writers and tea enthusiasts. Includes an open marketplace to buy and sell tea, and hosting of tea blogs, tea websites and online tea retail sites.

Tea and Coffee Trade Journal
Provides information on tea and coffee including articles and a buyer's guide.

Discussion forums run by Adagio Teas; encompasses topics both relating to Adagio and tea in general.

Monthly newsletter published by Adagio Teas covering a diversity of tea-related topics.

Teadrunk Forum
Discussion forum about Chinese and Japanese tea, with an emphasis on traditional teas.

Tea reviews by a team of reviewers, organized by variety and tea company, and discussion forums open to the public.

The Tea House Times
The Tea House Times is bi-monthly publication for tea rooms.

UK Tea Council
The UK tea council. Independent body dedicated to promoting tea and its unique story for the benefit of those who produce, sell and enjoy tea the world over.

World Green Tea Association
Information includes business news, Japanese tea culture, and encyclopedia.

World Tea News
Original news pertaining to the global tea industry, with an orientation towards independent tea retailers; published by the organization that runs the World Tea Expo.

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