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GoCook Recommended Websites
A campaign to rid the world of the tomato.

Ban Bread Now!
Spoof on governmental controls of individual freedoms, and the anti-smoking campaign, explaining why bread is the real threat.

Beer Info
Beer stories, jokes, facts, photos, posters and games.

A collection of alcohol-related true stories, pictures and jokes.
The adventures of an oversized red mug, with photos, a quiz and poems.

Booze Hound
In this drinking game, catch the falling garnishes in your cocktail glass. Requires Flash.

Bring Back The Berry
A campaign to bring back Raspberry Kool-Aid.

Cake Wrecks
A gallery of deformed, distasteful, and bizarrely-decorated professional wedding and birthday cakes.

Crazy Asian Drinks
Humorous reviews of Asian drinks.

Diet Humor
A large collection of humorous saying relating to dieting.

Fruity Cuties
Cute Japanese style fruit humor.

Funny Tummy
Food jokes, strange diets and unusual recipes.

Hamburger UK
Madcap interactive lists of food films, food songs, and the conveyor belt game.

Japan Food Diary
Pictures of food from a month long trip to Japan, plus commentary.

A humorous look at real and odd food stuffs.

Modern Drunkard Magazine
Articles about the pleasures of beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks.

We mix flavors of Gatorade and identify new, better flavors.

Ninja Burger
The only fast-food restaurant run entirely by ninjas.

No-bake Fake Twinkies
Instructions on how to make this fake snack, largely based on foam rubber.

Passions Drinking Game
Drinking game to go along with the NBC soap opera "Passions".

Planet Ranch
A tribute to this popular food dressing.

Sarco's Blood Bar & Grill
Fifties-style diner with an unpleasant cannibalistic twist.

Skytopia : Fruit Emporium
Humorous mini reviews of every fruit under the sun, with pictures and ratings given for taste and weirdness.
Visitors can create a virtual pizza for themselves, or send one to a friend.

The 4 O'Clock Lunch Website
Food-related humor, articles, reviews and quizzes for those followers of late dining.

The Chilli Source
Doner kebab news, reviews and forum.

The Museum of Burnt Food
"Celebrating the art of culinary disaster" with online exhibit of charred comestibles.

The Sandwich Club
Photographs and discussion of squashed sandwiches.

Tomatoes are Evil
Dedicated to those who believe that this fruit is actually the spawn of Satan.

Your Burrito and You
You are what you eat. Find out what fillings and toppings can tell about people as you build the perfect burrito.

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