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GoCook Recommended Websites

Carbon Diet
Provides education and information for both individuals and businesses looking to understand how to go green.

City Girl Farming
Guide to raising, growing and preparing your own food in small, urban spaces.

Articles and product recommendations for simple, sustainable living.

Find information, advice and resources about sustainability practices and solutions, including resource efficiency, energy efficiency, carbon neutrality, zero waste and sustainable water use.

Articles on eco-friendly technology, inventions, organic products and ways to a modern green lifestyle.

Free Green Magazine
Ezine directed towards a better green lifestyle.

Garden Girl TV
Dedicated to showing people ways to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle in the cities and suburbs. Maintained by Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, who is the host of Farmers Almanac TV.

Green Living Ideas
Blog focused on easier green living tips and ideas. Posts and interviews about home energy, green building, cars, food, and recycling.

Healthy Living for People and Planet Earth
Weblog with opinions and advice on living a healthy, sustainable life.

Help Save Earth
Provides information about how individuals can have a direct impact on environmental problems, specifically climate change and the lack of safe drinking water.

Hunt Utilities Group, LLC
A for-profit organization dedicated to exploring and developing systems for ecological living.

Idaho Green Expo
Event held annually in June showcasing products and services for sustainable living. Exhibitors and workshops, news, and information about volunteering.

NRDC's This Green Life
A monthly journal on living green, mixing personal reflections with hard information on environmental problems and solutions from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Naturally Earth Friendly
Offers information about simple, sustainable ideas and products. Also provides details about volunteering.

Naturally Savvy Healthy Living
Guides and videos providing information about natural, organic, and healthy living.

Neutral Existence
Resources for neutralizing one's environmental footprint easily and inexpensively.

One Green Generation
Sustainable living blog with strong focus on community, food, and local living.

Post Carbon Institute: Relocalize
Supports post-carbon groups working to make their communities more sustainable for the period after affordable fossil fuels. Events, publications, and newsletters.

Seafood Watch
Helps consumers and businesses choose seafood that is fished or farmed in a sustainable manner.

Super Green Me
Green social network where like minded people can learn, discuss, promote and advocate sustainable living. Environment information, tips, news, and videos.

Sustainable Life
One family in a busy UK city as they aim to reduce costs and environmental impact. Including bushcraft, foraging, wild food, allotment growing, upcycle, recycle, reusing, home brewing.

Sustainable Living Foundation
Community based, not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting and practicing the principles of sustainable living.

Blog covering environmental and economic sustainability, green and sustainable business, and environmental politics.

The Alternative Consumer
Weblog offering product guidance, reviews and advice for eco-friendly consumers.

The Chic Ecologist
Blog covering chic, clean, and stylish sustainable green living for everybody featuring eco friendly design, products, fashion, clothing, home, technology.

The Green Guide
An online magazine featuring green living tips, product reviews, and environmental health news. Owned and operated by the National Geographic Society.

The Thrifty Planet Resource Guide
Database of member businesses that sell recycled or used merchandise, including thrift shops, and eco-friendly sellers and job openings.

Verda Vivo
Weblog devoted to activism, the environment, food, health, recycling and “green living”.

Blog discussing life in a post-oil and post-carbon world, including power, transportation, and food topics.

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