Cooking recipes and tips that help you to go cook excellent food.

Cooking recipes and tips that help you to go cook excellent food. like Lifestyle Choices Vegetarianism

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GoCook Recommended Websites A Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Living
Providing news, videos, vegan recipes, and information about the positive impacts that a vegetarian diet can have on animals, the environment, and your health.
List of famous vegetarians/vegans with quotes, links, recipes and a list of vegetarian restaurants.

Lettuce Ladies
PETA site includes recipes and information about vegetarianism.

Meat Filter
Contains information and news for vegetarians and vegans.

Meatless Monday Campaign
Recipes designed to help people reduce their consumption of meats and saturated fat. From Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Savvy Vegetarian
Support for vegetarian lifestyle. The site features life coaching, courses, educational articles, reviews, recipes and resource guide.

The Veg Blog
Includes news and links.

VRG's Veggie Quiz
Rates your knowledge of vegetarianism.

Vegetarian Beers
Lists many (mainly British) beers and whether or not they are suitable for vegetarians.

Vegetarian Diet
Definition, origin and history of vegetarianism; lots of useful information, including how to raise infants on a vegetarian/vegan diet.

Vegetarian Resources
Covers vegetarianism history, associations and dishes.

Vegetarian Times
Online companion to the magazine.

Vegetarian Tips
Lists hundreds of tips and mini-facts relating to vegetarianism, vegans, health, nutrition, animal welfare, environment, and recipes.

Veggie Global
Includes an abundance of vegetarian resources.
Promoting a vegetarian diet and giving reasons not to eat meat, ranging from health concerns to animal rights. Quotes from famous vegetarians.

Veggies Unite
Recipes are included here.

Australian site about being vegetarian includes recipes, ethical and health related information.

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